Let the unwanted pregnancy safely good bye with RU-486

Abortion is so common medical procedure now days. The process was considered to be typical previously where termination involves surgery. Very few women were courageous for the surgical abortion. Medical termination of pregnancy can be done by means of abortion pills from last few decades. It increases rate of abortion day by day.  Abortion pills are generally taken orally or intravaginally. These are most convenient and safe way for removing the unwanted ovulation. RU -486 is highly admired FDA approved abortion pill for termination of pregnancy in early stages. RU -486 is considered as the lifeline pill for eliminating the undesired pregnancy.

How Does RU-486 works?

RU encloses generic medicament named mifepristone. Mifepristone is referred as anti-progesterone pill. It acts by locking the pregnancy supporting actions of progesterone. Mifepristone binds to receptors of progesterone and doesn’t allow progesterone to work. In the absence of progesterone, uterine lining shed off and detach the fetus from it. Embryo gets died after detaching from its protective lining meanwhile it prepares the womb for expelling the dead embryo from it.

How to administer the pill?

While inducing abortion, take three pill of mifepristone 200mg orally with sufficient water. RU contains total three pills of mifepristone. After taking the pills bleeding will start within few hours depending on the duration of pregnancy. Bleeding indicates abortion and its completion indicates completion of abortion. On the day 14th woman must visit to doctor for clinical examination and confirmation of complete removal is taken by ultrasound technique.

Two pills of misoprostol is advised in those cases where bleeding doesn’t starts after taking mifepristone alone. After taking misoprostol bleeding will occur within 2-4 hours. And then follow the same procedure as in case of mifepristone.

Woman may experience nausea, diarrhoea, abdominal cramps, vomiting, headache, drowsiness and flushing etc while using abortion pills.

Contraindications and preventions:

Before using abortion pill make sure that pregnancy should not be ectopic. In case of oversensitivity by mifepristone, use of RU-486 is not recommended. After abortion, woman is advised to take proper rest and Intake of fruits, juices and healthy food should be increased after abortion with RU-486 for early recovery. After abortion, body is weak so it’s not advisory to uplift heavy objects. Sexual activity should be avoided after abortion. IUD users should firstly remove their IUD’s before taking mifepristone.

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