Misoprostol…… most convenient abortion pill

Pregnancy gives satisfaction to a couple when both of the parents are mentally prepared for it. It’s a mixed felling of emotions, satisfaction, fear and happiness. If a couple cant able to cope with the pregnancy then that pregnancy is termed as unwanted, undesired, unintentional etc. There can be many reasons for that the parents can’t take their pregnancy forward including family planning, higher education’s, carrier instability, and lack of financial resources etc. Unwanted pregnancies left with one solution of abortion. Abortion by taking abortion pills is a common practice but the selection of right pill is important. Among various abortion pills, misoprostol is strong substitute which resolves unwanted gestation effectively without harming the body. Misoprostol is an FDA approved product used to eliminate undesired pregnancy of less than 90 days.

Activity of misoprostol includes induction of contractions in the womb to cause the safe removal of unwanted gestation. It causes spasms in the womb so that fetus can be taken out of it in form of vaginal bleeding. When both embryo and placenta have been expelled from the uterus confirms the complete abortion.

Dosage regimen of misoprostol:

Put four pills of misoprostol 200mcg under the tongue or in the cheek pouches.  One pair of pills should be kept on each side. For atleast half an hour do not swallow the pills. After half an hour dissolve all the tablets in the mouth cavity. Keep another 4 pills of Misoprostol under the tongue after 3 hours of taking the first pills.

For third time woman should put the pair of misoprostol under the tongue after 3 hours. Do not swallow. Within 1-3 hours one can expect heavy bleeding. Bleeding depends on the length of pregnancy.

Woman must visit the doctor after 14 days and must have ultrasound to confirm completion of abortion.

Harmful effects:

 One can experience body acne, itching, rashes, drowsiness, vomiting, dizziness, cramps, muscle pain, abdominal cramps, headache, pelvic pain, nausea, pelvic pain, and inflammation of the vagina, white discharge from the vagina, fever, nausea, painful and prolong vaginal bleeding and flushing while using abortion pills.

Noteworthy information:

Users having allergy from Misoprostol or other substituent of the formulation should avoid use of this pill. In case of severe blood disorder, a liver, kidney disorder and cardiac disorder, use of mifepristone is not recommended. Alcohol intake must be stopped and also avoid uplifting heavy objects.  If the women were placed with IUD, it is not better safe to take mifepristone pill. Avoid intercourse for some days after abortion with mifepristone. If the pregnancy is more than 9 weeks, do not use abortion pills it can be harmful. Full bed rest and healthy diet is required after abortion.

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