How to use MTP kit……Description guide

Many women wants to use abortion pills but they fears of using pills  due to lack of knowledge about the right method of using them, their dosage, their side effects, contraindications and mechanism of abortion. We provide a platform here to give complete information about the maximum used abortion pill “MTP kit”.

MTP kit is a most powerful substitute for inducing abortion. It encloses total no of 5 pills; one of mifepristone 200g and four of misoprostol 200mcg. All the pills actively take part in abortion.

Anti-progesterone pill mifepristone acts by preventing the growth of fetus. It exhibits its function by lowering the concentration of pregnancy supporting hormone progesterone. Mifepristone is a derivative of progesterone thereby it binds to progesterone receptors and reduces its concentration in the body. In the absence of progesterone, uterine lining begins shedding off and finally it detaches the fetus resulting in death of fetus. Second pill misoprostol causes contractions in the womb so that womb could expel the pregnancy tissues out of it in form of vaginal bleeding.

Consumption of one pill of mifepristone orally is initial step of abortion. On the alternate day or after 72 hours, take all the four pills of misoprostol by oral route or vaginal route. Keep the pills under the tongue or in the cheek pouches. Two pills should be kept on one side. Wait for 30 minutes to swallow the tablets. After half an hour dissolve all the tablets in the mouth cavity. Bleeding with abdominal cramps is the marker of abortion.

After 14 days woman should visit to doctor for check up and for the confirmation of completion of abortion, she should do with ultrasound.

During and after abortion woman can feel nausea, white vaginal discharge, pain in bleeding, pelvic pain, drowsiness, headache etc.

Preventive measures:

  • If the pregnancy is more than 9 weeks, do not use abortion pills it can be harmful.
  • Abortion pills should be avoided if allergic to mifepristone or other substituent of the formulation.
  • Liver, kidney, blood, cardiac diseased patient use of MTP kit is not recommended.
  • Healthy and nutritients rich diet should be consumed after abortion.
  • If the women were placed with IUD, it is not better safe to take MTP kit.
  • Avoid getting physical for some days after abortion with MTP Kit.


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