Use Mifepristone to resolve issues of unwanted pregnancy

Being pregnant and give birth to a child is the world’s most beautiful thing. A couple takes the decision of bringing a kid into the world when they have enough resources of fulfilling the needs of their kid. Some pregnancies occur without planning where few couples accept it willingly and some decide to ends up their unwanted pregnancy. If pregnancy is well planned then it is considered as one of the best blessing of god but if it comes unwillingly then it’s better to resolve it on right time with a suitable method.

Mifepristone is lifesaver abortion pill for those who have fear of abortion because it resolves unwanted pregnancy without causing any side effects to the body. It is cheapest and bestest way to conclude out undesired gestation by own.

Therapeutic activity of mifepristone is exhibited by blocking the functions of progesterone that helps in maintaining the thickness of uterine wall which provides protection to the fetus. Because of structural similarity, mifepristone attaches to its receptors and lowers concentration of progesterone in the body to support pregnancy. In the absence of progesterone, uterine wall begins to shed off and ultimately leading in disintegration. All this process leads to detachment of the fetus from this wall and inhibits fetus growth.

Prescribed mode of intake: Take one pill of Mifepristone (200mg) orally with some water. Bleeding will starts within 2-4 hours of taking the pill. After 2-3 days of completion of menstrual flow go to the doctor for medical checkup and get the ultrasound done to ensure about complete abortion. If failure of abortion occurs then patient is supposed to take two tablets of Misoprostol (200mcg) and after two days revisit the doctor to confirm complete abortion. Painful cramps, inflammation in vagina, body pain, and headache, rashes in vagina, nausea, vaginal white discharge and diarrhoea are harmful effects of mifepristone.

Some informatory points:

  • Avoid consumption of alcohol and physical relations after abortion from mifepristone.
  • Use of mifepristone is not recommended in case of ectopic pregnancy. This is effective within 63 days of pregnancy.
  • Avoid mifepristone in case of anaemia, bleeding disorders, and heart and kidney diseases,
  • If IUD is placed then it is advisable to remove that before using mifepristone.
  • Take nutrients enrich diet after abortion and avoid uplifting heavy material.



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