Misoprostol….authenticated formula of medical abortion

A woman is blessed with patience as she has to go through more ups and downs in her life as compared to a man. Delivery and abortion are the two phases of life which needs maximum patience.  Difference is just between them is that during delivery a woman is full of hope and excitement but at the time of abortion she has to bear pain with a tensed mind. No one can feel her pain but somehow if we be able to reduce the risk of abortion, make feel us good. Here we suggest a reliable name of abortion…..Misoprostol which reduce the risk and pain of abortion process by its strong potential for removing unwanted gestation. Generic Misoprostol can be sold under brand name of cytotec.

How does misoprostol works?

Misoprostol induce termination of pregnancy maximum up to 9 weeks of pregnancy. It executes abortion by producing strong contractions in the womb. This way womb omits pregnancy material out through heavy vaginal bleeding with blood clots.

How to use misoprostol?

Abortion is carried out by taking four pills of misoprostol either orally or intravaginally. For oral administration, put a pair of pills each side of cheek pouch for 30 minutes minimum. Do not take these pills inside by swallowing for 30 minutes. After this time, dissolve these pills with water. Bleeding occurs after 2-3 hours of taking the pills. Bleeding time depends on woman conditions and length of pregnancy. In case if bleeding does not start within 3 hours then put another 4four pills of misoprostol under the tongue and wait for symptoms of bleeding and cramps. If bleeding does not start then take other 4four pills of misoprostol. On the 14th day woman is supposed to go to clinic and get gone with ultrasound for confirming the complete removal of placenta from the body.


While using misoprostol, woman can expect nausea, acnes, bleeding pain and cramps, drowsiness, headache, pelvic pain, vaginal inflammation and white discharge etc.

Misoprostol in not recommended if user have allergy from it. Smoking, alcohol drinking is not permitted with the use of misoprostol. In case of ectopic pregnancy, do not take these pills. Woman placed with IUD, should not use misoprostol before removing the devices. Avoid sex for some days after ending up pregnancy. Do proper rest with healthy diet to overcome the weakness and blood looses during abortion. Avoid uplifting heavy materials after terminating your pregnancy.

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