Make your physical love bonding more strong and joyful with suhagra

Symptoms of impotency in males mainly occur after age of 40, when they find difficulty in managing sturdy erections during sensual activity. But now days this condition is affecting to men in each age. Therefore its treatment is necessary so that couples can enjoy this part of life also. Suhagra pills are used to improve erection power of man. These are considered as the best treatment of this problem.

Suhagra is a form of Viagra that contains sildenafil citrate as a key component. It works by inhibition of PDE-5, an enzyme which causes reduction in level of cyclic GMP.  Cyclic GMP is responsible for relaxation of the smooth muscles and increase of the blood flow by its vasodilatory actions which is required for powerful erection which remains for long enough time.

Dosage pattern of sildenafil:  Consume a single tablet of Suhagra 100mg, one hour before of getting intimate. Get ready to experience long enough penetration within half an hour of consuming the medicine. Its effects will remain in body for 4-5 hours.. Maximum tolerated concentration of suhagra is 200mg and do not repeat dose within 24 hours of taking first pill. Patient can experience Painful erection, pain in back and chest, dry mouth, drowsiness, flushing, headache, temporary loss of vision, vertigo, Low blood pressure, while consuming suhagra pills.

Useful information about suhagra:

  • Suhagra should not be consumed by the users who have oversensitivity from sildenafil citrate.
  • Nitrates and PDE5 inhibitor should not be consumed while taking suhagra pills.
  • Use of grape fruit and its products is prohibited with the use of suhagra.
  • Oily food and alcohol consumption should be avoided while taking suhagra.
  • It is not recommended in patients of less than 18 years old age.

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